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Thread: Tips on control config? (Shoot and jump coordination)

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    Exclamation Tips on control config? (Shoot and jump coordination)

    Well, I've just gotten back into QL, after leaving for about 9-10 months. While I played, the default controls never really sunk in, I'd have trouble trying to strafe (arrow keys to move), jump (space bar), and shoot/aim (mouse) all at the same time.

    Anyway, any control configs that would help a "noob", like myself get adjusted to the game?

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    You should/could change the arrow keys to aswd (w = forward, a = left, s = back, d = right), that'll make it way more comfortable for you to bind weapons close to those keys and you won't have any problems hitting the spacebar whilst controlling your mouse at the same time. No need to get yourself an entirely new config for that.

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    I use the arrow keys as well, but if possible u should switch over to wasd, or esdf for movement as it makes binding weapons closer and eaiser. either way tho bind jump to mouse2.
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