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Thread: Setting up for a small tournament

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    Cool Setting up for a small tournament

    Hello everyone,

    I am possibly planning on getting a premium account, one of the reasons being I want to host my own small tournament at my local video game group get-together. I saw in the description of features that you get includes being able to create your own matches as well as bring in 5 other players with standard accounts. Now, does anyone know if this cap is just for access to premium content? For example, would I still be able to have matches with more players, as long as they were accessing standard content?

    Second of all, are there any good features that aid in hosting tournaments that you can do with a premium account?

    Basically, I am trying to assess my options, because I wouldn't want to make everyone participating in the tournament be required to have a non-standard account. I enjoy playing the game, so I am already looking at a premium account but I am also interested in what you get as far as creating matches and running tournaments.

    Thanks in advance. Also, any extra tips are welcome.

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    I'm a free user, so it's just hear-say/ experience. I don't care much to look it up either but then again, I'm "pretty sure" that's the way it is
    1) Prem doesn't create matches. Pro does. Prem allows you to access the content/ join those servers
    2) It is possible to spawn servers that all standard users may access if no prem content/feature is activated.
    Say you wanna play just bloodrun/campgrounds/lost world duels. Yes that should be possible. with PRO though, not PREM.
    Wanna play hectic and Co. there is no way around inviting.
    3) Hmmm, anything specific you're thinking of?
    4) Well, "e v e r y o n e" won't need it, even if you do access premium content. As you pointed out yourself, you could send invites. and having just one or two other people with pro in the tournament would help a whole bunch of standard users get into games.

    still you should wait for more answers, I lack knowledge :-D
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    Thanks for the response. Yeah, I think I meant to say "Pro", I just got them mixed up. My main concern is just being able to invite people into a match and have a good amount playing at any one time. If what you say is true, it sounds like if I have a pro account I can invite everyone into the game that I want (I don't know what the max player limit per match is), as long as it is on standard maps/gametypes. In that case, I would just have to figure out the rest of the logistics of how to run it.

    I don't know if a lot of other people ever tried setting up tournaments themselves, but it would be a great help if those that have could give me some other tips on how best to set things up? For example, if I want to do FFA qualifying rounds and then match people in 1v1 elimination rounds based on their skill. Or if there are any special things that you can do in spectator mode, because I was planning on putting up a projection screen of the matches or something like that.

    Anyway, this sounds like a doable thing. If I can rustle up some interest in the game, maybe I could get people to play regularly and start their own accounts.

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