maybe if you made a decent default version of attack defend, people wouldve played it more. As it is now, youre able to fire nades and rockets through doorways to keep enemies out until the round ends, a bit like ctfs from threewave back when it was still 1.3. I dont think Ive played a slower version of this gametype. At least by spawning your own server you can adjust it to fastswitch. i can understand why you keep ruining maps, with the lack of people knowing how to make maps, but why do you keep insisting on taking in gametypes only to ruin them? insta is wrong, so is freezetag, and now a/d. I do like the twitch you put in so you can throw a flag in 1flag, but i dont get the part of why you added it in the first place - same with harvester, never played in q3 and never will be in ql lol :\