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Thread: Rules/details for new gametypes

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    Rules/details for new gametypes

    Hi, where can we see the rules (score/points) for each gametypes.
    I don't really like playing a game without knowing how to score and how many points im gonna earn for what I do.

    I saw this post but it do not talk about points:

    For example on RR:
    When I win a round do I earn points?
    Or if i do only one frag on each rounds and I don't win any rounds, I'll finish with a good score so can I win A RR game without winning one round?

    Can I find the anwser of this kind of questions for every new gamemode somewhere?

    Sorry for my english.

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    I'd like to know the exact scoring too.
    For example in domination, you get defense score for defending, so when I attack I give free points to the other team? Maybe I should attack without entering the point circle?
    Scoring is the base for strategies - we should know it first.

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