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Thread: Looking for some config advice!

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    hmm, maybe I shouldn't be the first to answer since others have a better grasp of these things than me, but....

    it seems to me that with the view distortion of 120+ (perhaps even 110) you don't see how much you are actually missing your opponent. Seems to be especially true with the LG, SG and MG. As mentioned above though, the higher the fov and have get visual info for chaotic pub games especially

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    Quote Originally Posted by Call_Me_Ishmael View Post
    Thank you all so much for the advice, I'll be working on this more thoroughly after my exams.

    So why is 120 too high? In the other shooter I play (Fortress Forever [TFC in the Source engine in the form of a mod]), 120 is the standard FOV for pickup players and such. Does it have something to do with hitboxes?

    I use the keel bright model for enemies, and the Sarge model for myself and my teammates. Would this affect what FOV I should be using? Along with my 1440x900 resolution laptop screen.
    I don't know how serious TF2 pickups are, but 120 fov on widescreen is way too much for sure (because in quake, widescreen adds horizontal space).
    With a lower fov aiming becomes much easier as the last poster said. Enemy awareness by visuals is usually too late, trust your prediction + sounds.

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    Take a look at http://www.gamingcfg.com/game/ql if your still looking for a config.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T1E View Post
    - rather than pro configs i'd recommend the link from the ql forums about the competitive settings
    - famous caster and q4-proplayer did a show on essential ql config tweaks here http://www.twitch.tv/thegdstudio/b/315398719
    - duellers specially use fovs up to 100, because they'll always know where their opponent is, additionally you won't meet a 2nd opponent suddenly which can happen in teamgames, I'd say 110 should be a maximum for serious play
    Its good to have something to start with. I first used an old cooller config i found on the net, it was good for the start, but it was a bit blinding on brighter maps. So i stole your config, modded it a bit, added Noctis' hud too and now am absolutley happy. So thanx
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    Quote Originally Posted by T1E View Post
    120 fov on widescreen is way too much for sure (because in quake, widescreen adds horizontal space)
    You mean Quake Live.

    And for completeness, on a 16x9 monitor, fov 120 in Quake 3 (and most games/game engines from few years back) is the same as cg_fov 105 in QL.

    So there's a chance what they call "120" is really 105 in QL. Pretty reasonable fov, many people use some magical values like 103 or 106. Actually there's the same history behind 106: 4:3 fov 90 becomes exactly 106,26 at 16:9...

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