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Thread: Login Problems

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    Login Problems

    Hey this is my second account which i had to create because i am no longer able to access my original one due to my e-mail account being compromised.

    Is there any way i can get the account deleted or the e-mail changed to my new one?
    I would even be satisfied if my current account name could be changed to just MoFaT which is really the only thing i want


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    The email used to log in here is only a sign on "name", it is in no way tied to being able to log in.
    Because it was compromised, lost or no longer active should not matter.

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    I understand that but I still cannot access my old account I have 3 passwords and none work. (I use the same passwords for everything)

    so it could be that I click i forgot password and cannot access the new one through my e-mail account?

    plz what can i do to delete/transfer the account

    (if you take the time to look the account MoFaT is unused and has not been logged into for quite sometime. If you need me to verify that it is mine i will provide u information on request)

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