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Thread: DevPick: Apr 20-23: Sync CTF

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    Senior Member Phlogiston will become famous soon enough Phlogiston will become famous soon enough Phlogiston's Avatar
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    Please make devpicks ranked

    Although I must admit I did enjoy hitting 40+ LG against people who can't dodge, I didn't enjoy the fact that every game ended in 50% of people ragequitting with the overall winner being decided by the team with the most T4 players.

    It means that all the new players are instantly put off from playing the devpicks, the majority of high level players won't actually have a proper game in them and the remaining minority of high level players have their noob crushing dreams fulfilled... all three are bad things.

    SG and RL balance make a nice difference, make it standard.
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    correct weapon usage with the rocket launcher isnt suppose to be about direct hits... I aim for the feet of the opponent or the ground beneath them.. by putting them into the air you can help control their movement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exelone View Post
    Turn a few knobs on your q3 server... :S

    Devpicks are just a smoke-n-mirror attempt to provide the illusion of active development.
    Well said! I agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AXxXxO View Post
    just ignore nub like him....
    So the majority of forum posts are regarding "Dev picks"? They should use their time addressing player concerns. How about making the game better by fixing problems.

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    Pointblank SG owns.
    Would be nice to have this damage falloff from X(maybe not 150 or whatever it is in devpick, but at least good old 110) at close range to current normal value at long distance.

    Whats the deal with auto-shuffle? Stealth ninja update or field testing?
    Would be nice to have auto-balance too - too many matches end with weird player numbers atm 6 vs 3 etc. I can only imagine how much it scares and annoys those unfortunate guys from lower tiers.
    Real life? Life is real?!

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    Senior Member Grandbolus is on a distinguished road
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    Lovely, these two maps are so much fun and you can play them as much as wou want at the moment : -))

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    I'm digging the weapon changes.

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    as i was loosing trust because of that spacecrap and tdm-laming i can say i love that ctf thingy ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by insect View Post
    How to run a devpick in practice? Also Devpicks are run only for a few days, so they are gone before anyone adapts to the changes and becomes good in it.

    I'd prefer the exact values (knowing QL's defaults) than to guess for example
    "incredible close range damage" - is it 100? 150? 200? etc.
    Yep...especially dev picks that involve maps that are typically only premium maps.....in one sense, it's good I guess that every once in a while the non-subscriber players get to try out the premium maps for a change of pace. But obviously since the player-base of QL are mostly losers and trash, what usually happens is that the better players who are subscribers and are familiar with these maps proceed with their regular practice of stacking, but now they stack against players that are not familiar. THEN ID goes ahead and make these things unranked, meaning they are now ****-fests against the very new players.

    So in effect, it's basically the same practice that ID allowed when QL was in BETA, where tier slummers and stackers destroyed QL or what it was intended to be, only now in special weekend offerings. This is something however that ID is totally clueless as to how to prevent from happening.....

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    Damn I'm outrunning my own rockets and it's not even defrag

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