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Thread: freeze tag for all

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    freeze tag for all

    i am a premium member now since almost a year and i might never be able to play freeze tag since it is a premium feature and there are just not enough premium players populate those servers.
    the crazy thing is, that there are even enough premium players who would acturally play it. but why care standing on a server alone when you know that there won't be other 3 players connecting anytime soon.

    making freeze tag premium won't help the community or premium players.
    so please open it for everyone and try to be more creative with features for paying players.
    remember we paid quake3 and now paid again for the same game in a browser window.

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    Member Epikt is on a distinguished road
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    FT for everyone has been request multiple times, use the search engine if you want to read the threads.

    To find FT games the best is to join the Chill clan (irc: #clanchill on quakenet), we play FT several times a week (usually mondays and fridays evenings).

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    Senior Member FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul's Avatar
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    If you live in North America, add TGA and P4F members to your friend list and you will play iFT often.

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