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Thread: DevPick: Apr 13-16: TDM Mod

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    Yeah, F1, wish they would keep it as a gamemode (or like now, few servers in the TDM list). I think it'd be a good mode for new players, too, it's kinda friendlier than CA, ppl are more willing to balance the teams and shuffle, it's easier to start and get some frags, practice, etc.

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    Great fun. Like some here i wish to have this permanent! Not sure if health regen is good but all weapon at start -great idea
    I find this somehow ...relaxing No irritating wait for the rounds ends , if I die, and no sometimes anoying weapons searching when i went out of ammo. I think this mode could atract, like ca, new players (don't get me wrong i don't think ca is for newbs I think only no self-damage and full-stack from ca, mh, super powerups, armors and ammo collecting from tdm should be included. Like I said don't know if heakth regen is good Maybe abaility to ammo drop would be nice idea(for example u drop 50% of your ammo to your teammate)

    Great Job ID!
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    Tons of fun ! And I found it kinda relaxing too, just like Pathf1nder said. I'd miss it if it ends up disappearing from server lists at all.

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    I don't know why you still keep messing around with server settings and different gametypes. Do you want to split the currently small community even more? There are more important things than introducing new gametypes. For example Anti-Cheat or new maps for TDM.

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    I really liked this devpick (I like most of the devpicks).

    One question though: It seems like quakelive thinks I'm an awesome TDM player now (ranks me as Tier 4 tdm). I'm fairly certain I am not talented enough to qualify for T4 TDM play.

    This poses a problem becuase if I ever get to jump into a TDM game it will skill match me way over my head for the first few games.

    Simply put, becuase I played well in the devpick I am no doomed to upset the team balance in my first 3-4 tdm games? I don't mind getting killed but I don't want to ruin the game for my teamates as I get presented with my own ass on a silver platter.

    Anyone care to comment: can the unranked devpick games have changed my TDM ranking?


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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolMike View Post
    Anyone care to comment: can the unranked devpick games have changed my TDM ranking?
    I believe they can, much like instagib. The win/loss and frags and such don't count in your stats page because they're unranked, but your skill level still changes. At least it does in instagib, so I suspect it may here.

    It's actually pretty easy to test. Find an empty TDM server, check your skill level, then play a game and recheck. Of course if you land where the system thinks you should, the value won't change anyway, so you may need a really good or bad game to see it change.
    Any sufficiently skilled player is indistinguishable from a hacker (to paraphrase Arthur C Clarke)

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    Please keep this mode! It's perfect to relax after work with no need to camp/time count weapons armors, no need to keep running on the map with machinegun , just constant action. I prefer firing skills instead of good map knowledge/good ears.
    Also agree with quad drop enabled be better, now quad dies in couple seconds.
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    Few reasons why it should be kept in my opinion:
    It's a bit like CA, but:
    + less spammy
    + with powerups
    + you don't have to wait if you die
    The powerups add a lot of teamwork as I've seen this weekend. Also, it's a bit like TDM, but more noob friendly. TDM may be good for higher tiers, but when someone not familiar with TDM joins, he runs with MG all the time and can't do anything to stacked enemies. TDM works for competitive play, where better team keeps the maplock and do everything to win. But in public games it's not that fun.
    Servers with this mode were full almost all the time. People liked it. It needs a bit of tweaking, like mentioned already quaddrop and maybe 15 rockets at spawn. After this DevPick's gone, I returned to CA and suddenly realised it's just boring.
    So the question:
    Is there a chance it will come back?

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    Good day ID_,

    I actually liked this Dev Mod. It was fun, but... It (and other dev_mods) only go on for 3 days? What's really to like about something that you know you will only be able to enjoy for a few days before its gone forever. Kinda sad really... =[

    For that I think I would rather forget about your dev_mods for good. You should work on other projects.

    Not to dis though. I have loved your fps games from the very beginning. Still have great memoirs from playing Wolfenstein, then doom and quake orig. through Dial-up!!!! Du Du De Du De De De De.................EHweeweeir ehrrrrrrr. eueueueiiiiiiieeeeee. khrrrrrrrrrrhhr. didudu deeei . ween khrr. eiuuun... . . . . Connection Successful!! YES! Time for some frags.

    I was lucky enough to always have a computer to handle your ground breaking games. =]

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    Senior Member ybl is on a distinguished road ybl's Avatar
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    oh, sounds nice, missed it.
    CA with <16 slots is nothing.

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