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Thread: How to Report Bugs

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    Post How to Report Bugs

    When you discover a problem or bug in QUAKE LIVE or on the QUAKE LIVE website, you can help us a great deal by performing the following steps when submitting bug reports:

    1. First, determine if this bug has already been reported. Duplicate bug entries can slow our process at both addressing issues and responding to your individual report. More importantly, if a report has already been made you may be able to find important information to help assist you. Look for a 'Sticky' thread, a persistant thread at the top of the forum that relates to your bug.
    2. If a thread cannot be located, then perform a search, using the 'Search this Forum' link in the top right of the Bug Report Forum. Find a word or expression that others who may have submitted this issue previously could have used in the description to help locate any existing threads.
    3. If there were no results, go back and try other keywords until you run out of good possible descriptions of the bug.
    4. If you did not find a result, or results, read through the previous reports and see if your bug is already described. If it is not described to your satisfaction, you can add additional comments to existing reports, if appropriate.
    5. If there is no report to draw on, then you should continue to file a new report.

    Once you have determined that you must file a new bug report, you want to ensure that you include as much relevant information as possible.
    • Always include the system specifications of your testing environment, include a dxdiag for system related bugs. DO NOT report bugs for systems that do not meet the supported system requirements as noted on the FAQ.
    • Provide as many details as possible about the bug, what you were doing prior during and after the bug occurred.
    • For in-game bugs please describe the game environment, server location, gametype, gamestate and game version.
    • Provide as much documentation as you can, including screenshots, game demos, and condumps.

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    Do please follow the instructions above before posting, it is also specifically worth checking the list of very common issues and fixes in the support sticky: Problem? please READ THIS FIRST contains FIXES

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