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Thread: "Dropped due to inactivity" WHILE WAITING FOR ROUND TO END. You've got to be kidding

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    IT just happened again. Waiting for a round to end, and boom thrown off with the message (AFTER I was dropped) "dropped due to inactivity." I'm so glad we're listened to in this forum. The words "round draw" appeared on the screen and boom, I was thrown off for inactivity. Stupid as hell. FIX IT GENIUSES! Clearly what these einsteins have done is set the countdown to removal for inactivity to such a short duration that if you die early in a round, AND if the round goes long, usually this happens when a round goes to a round draw, if you didn't move your mouse (I guess) while you were waiting for the round to end, the stupid programming throws you off in certain instances. No warning, no nothing. Just thrown. The "removal for inactivity" should not even be operative and counting down when you're waiting for a round to end. Removal for inactivity should only countdown when a player is inactive DURING A ROUND and if it stretches INTO the time period waiting for the round to end. There HAVE been instances where I've been surprised to see a countdown and white words on the screen that say "___ to inactivity removal" or something like that, but this doesn't always appear. Today I was thrown without warning, a second after "round draw" appeared on the screen. Clearly the programming starts counting down to remove you if you're inactive while waiting for a round to end. Most rounds don't stretch long enough for this to be an issue, but many of us can tell you from experience that sometimes this DOES happen.
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