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Thread: Changing Your Graphics?

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    Changing Your Graphics?

    From videos i've seen on youtube of quake, I began to notice enhanced graphics and my friend said "Oh those are just enhancements they typed into the console"

    -IS THIS TRUE?!?! can you do that?

    or do you have to run a program or something....

    Please help me

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    It depends what you're talking about. A lot of frag movies use special effects which you can't reproduce ingame. If you're talking about "normal gameplay footage", then you can get them using the ingame menu (Esc). Things like bloom, etc.

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    just go in practice and fool around with settings andafter 10mins you will found out what is what and also go on community section and find cvar/command guide because you will find every command for ql with description....ql is very customizable and you can have settings by own preference!
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    Add A Killcam Maybe?
    Only available for COD MW3 owners!Coming soon i next update....

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