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Thread: chat display

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    chat display

    I want to be able to play without seeing any chat dispalyed. Numerous times certain individuals will come on to a server and spec. Then that person feels the need to chat ignorant comments all game long. What is the command so I can put it in my cfg file.

    Thank you in advance.

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    /block [name]

    Will result in you being unable to see anything that person chats.

    /cg_teamChatsOnly 1

    Will result in only messages sent with messagemode2 from teammates will be displayed.

    /cg_chatbeep 0

    Will result in messages that are displayed having no 'beep' to them

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    There is also, and extremely overlooked option, another way.
    What you do is to set cg_chathistorylength to 0 or "". (where 0 is the same as "")
    This way the chat text will only be visible for a few seconds.
    More over, make an always on chat text, so that quakelive doesnt load/unload the chat parameters from the default hud menu:
    allias _chat "+chat"
    or set _chat "+chat" and then
    vstr _chat
    And then add it to config. Where the latter option would be the option to test if not on a subscription.
    This circumvents the problem with friend online, offline, latency thug that some experience with that.
    Now, if they only fixed it so that cg_teamchattime actually worked, and separated completely chat, notifications, teamchat, and spectatorchat, and fixed all of the respective said modes with their own settings and they worked as well, it would be awesome.
    Maybe it works for you, but cg_drawSpecMessages settings exist, you can try and set it to 0. I find it works sometimes actually ie with people i've blocked, but that could be that they've just stopped chatting, i dunno.

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