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Thread: Razer users- 400 vs 1800 dpi?

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    Razer users- 400 vs 1800 dpi?

    Hey guys, I use an Abyssus. I've been fooling around with different sensitivites. I usually use 1800 dpi, with 1000hz polling. Sensitivity down low around 4, its quick, and fast, I can track LG well and do 180 shots. Yesterday I put it down to 400 dpi, and turned the sens up. I was railing like crazy, but my movement felt sluggy and I couldn't really jump 180. My question is, what do you usually use? I noticed Cooller and the likes use 400dpi with low sens + huge mousepad.

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    Senior Member intheway will become famous soon enough intheway's Avatar
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    I have a deathadder. 1800 dpi. 500Hz polling and an in game sens of less than one. About .7 as I recall, would have to check. I also have a 17" x 22" cloth mouse pad for big sweeping mouse movements.

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    Senior Member Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa's Avatar
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    I think you mean 450 cpi.

    It appears the pro players who use this mouse all use 450 cpi.

    Use what works for you.

    I should mention though that sens 4 at 1800 cpi is really high (~6 cm/360) unless your driver sens affects the in-game sens in which case I have no idea what sensitivity it's actually at.

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    i used to have the same sens XD now i use 1.3 @ 1800

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    Some of the 450 dpi users swear it helps with tracking as opposed to using 1800dpi or even the 3500 dpi setting. I personally found 1800 to be the sweet spot with the abyssus coupled with a razer goliathus control mousepad. ( I have around 1.5 years worth of testing/use with this mouse)

    My settings if you'd like to try them are as follows: sensitivity 1.381 accel: none razer mouse driver sens: 5 out of 10. dpi: 1800

    gl, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask away.

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    Senior Member Fireztorm is on a distinguished road
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    450 feels much better tracking so low dpi all the way

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    Fz is right - I tried all dpi`s on my mouse - up to 2400, but....couple weeks ago I ended up on 600 which is lowest possible - my accuracy jump was incredible, from heavily reached 25-29% it went up till 40%, LG control came better in hours, RG as well.

    Here`s my weird mouse cfg - win accel on, win sens 6, 600dpi@500hz, m_filter "0" , QL sens 6.2199

    P.S. Mouse Fix was done as well.
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    With the abyssus my BF3 pro friends have done testing and they all found 1800 dpi to be the best.

    yz50 also uses 1800dpi.

    I have been using 3500 dpi, I will swap down probably (or not, I am kind of used to 3500dpi)

    They said that 1800dpi is noticeably better than 450 dpi on the abyssus.
    Most mice it does not matter.

    So I tried to sync my settings up.
    for 28cm/360 at 3500dpi was .4sens in game and I used .005mouse accel
    for 28cm/360 for 1800 dpi is .855 (no you can't just divide), and my mouse accel is .0107 now.

    Feels reasonable.
    It's nice to not have my mouse move at the speed of light in the uefo now. Also some games wouldn't even let me lower my sensitivity enough.

    Not that 28cm/360 is that low, and with moues accel it's really not 28cm/360.

    BF3 should support mouse accel >:|
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    Member Heafmo is on a distinguished road
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    Been using razer copperhead for years at 1600 sens, windows 6/11, w7 mousefix.

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    Member DannyF is on a distinguished road DannyF's Avatar
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    Personally I only use 800dpi, it feels perfect with 15cm/360, and no accel at all.

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