Life story tiem: (feel free to skip)
Last year I met a new friend at a lan center, we played street fighter and such and shared our rhythm game backgrounds and were totally gay for each other from the start (jk on teh ghey). One day I saw him and his friend playing CPMA, I knew it was quake but never actually played myself (I'm 21, and played 1.6, css, ut2003+4, halo1+2, competitively locally age 13-16 but quake just slipped by unnoticed where I grew up) **** BLEW MY MIND It was so fast and fun while still balanced to the point that the better player should always win, beyond anything I've ever seen before. And right after that first duel I asked to join them, they set me up 120fov and threw me in cpm3a to duel them. I wasn't too worried about getting demolished because I only knew a couple of people in RL that were better than me at any fps I've ever played. But it was beyond not close, like the least close match I've ever played in anything, even for playing a game for the first time. And I loved every second of it. I get to play my two quake buddies about once a month (I learned quick and can now contend with them in duels still not 50/50 but I'm getting there), but don't really play outside of that because the #cpmpickup guys are still out of my league and I'd feel bad lowering their quality of gameplay by being there.

tl;dr: CPMA (and I guess pql... it's not nearly as good yet) is now my favorite competitive game of all time and I want to find more people to play it with. When I was first getting into CPMA I said "If Quake Live ever puts CPM physics in the game I'll give them all my money and the rights to my first born child" so since pql didn't get it perfect I settled for a pro account and I think that means I can invite 3 non-premium friends to play with me at any given time, so I imagine if you're not premium you can still friend me and play.

A really rough and uneducated guess of my skill level would be maybe bottom of tier 3 QL? But don't quote me on that.