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Thread: did anyone play quake 2?

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    hey i was just wondering if anyone used to play quake2 ctf or RA.. seeing if i can get in touch with some old skoolers! [m0b]st3rs,
    Q2 CTFw as a brief for me...but FFA that was beaten to death...

    yes played q2, story mode only.
    Ha, qctually Q2 had a good SP. Great monsters, very drab, sandy and desertlike environment with old, worn-down military installations had extreme flavor. Try to run a HD engine, like Berserker mod, with Q2. You'd be surprised.
    Q * ]Q[* Q]|[A * QL
    ...and still playing!
    Remember, if you happen to join our clan, you can be drunk during each and every match in QL and GET AWAY WITH IT.

    lets C H I L L !
    Visit and ask Doc for your medication.
    Quote Originally Posted by megaman3 View Post
    In ql the other weapons started to shine.
    Quote Originally Posted by HabeebDaPro View Post
    anywas hope rocket lawnchairs r neffed, becuz they mak me mad n get iolet so no noob can spam nd win like idot

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    Quake 2 is still active and tournaments are still on, check www.q2scene.net , there are few tournaments running and alot of servers up, some of them are even allways full.

    that's where i come from and that's where i learned Quake, its a must play if you want to learn how to hit every RG shot :P

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    yeah boys! if you miss quake 2 come on. we have the servers, facebook, irc channel and all the ladder play you want. we also update our tournaments/games with TONS of personal stats.

    we have our stuff together and really want some new players to join up!
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    wow. so you delete his post about a 15 year old game?

    talk about censorship, and in a video game?

    if you want to play quake 2 AND still play quake live we're just putting the opportunity out there. just google LMCTF.

    if this is advertising and you feel the need to remove it then i suppose qlive really is dead

    ironic the post about ACME servers was left alone..

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    Played quake 1, played quake 2 like it was going out of style.. And quake 2 is way better. plus i miss Gloom and insta gib servers

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    I've played Q2 TDM in some polish leagues, great time I'd love to play it again, maybe someone have a link for download with all those patches and anticheats?

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    My Quake 2 name is beaver. Quake 2 and all the mods that go with it are alive and active. check out q2servers com for list of all quake 2 servers. Tastyspleen net host a server for just about every quake 2 mod.

    I personally love Quake 2 CTF! ACMECTF Com host a buncha of CTF servers that are active 7 Nights a week

    Railwarz CTF is my fave. Railwarz is instaGib CTF +hook. If u ever played Lithium Railz +hook or like instagib you should def check out ACME Railwarz server
    railwarz com

    all ACME CTF servers are located in Washington DC. There is 1 other railwarz server located in Texas. ACME Railwarz server is busy most every night around 9-10PM Eastern til 12Midnight or later!

    Lokis Minions CTF has the most organized League thats currently in season 5 of LMCTF Beatdown. check LMCTF Com they have big public game every tuesday night

    RA2 - if u like rocket arena 2 is Busy every Tuesday and Saturday Nights until pretty late into the AM

    DM and Vanilla servers are busy all day/night everyday and night. hosted by Tastyspleen

    Whale - its WOD is busy through out most of the day everyday too!

    Check q2servers com for all active servers.

    register on the forums to be part of the active quake 2 community

    download quake 2 from tastyspleen net or acmectf com downloads section
    if u need any help setting up quake 2 hope on IRC

    irc accessirc net #acme

    railwarz group on steam
    railwarz group on facebook

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    my first game was Quake 2 on Zone.com back in the day....

    back when quake2 trial was more popular than the full version itself, i remember when Weapons of Mass Destruction first came into play- blew my mind.

    then i used pingtool to find quake 2 server, then gamespy, then eventually the all seeing eye.

    i remember a good server host by the name of hal9000

    i remember _ScaR_ clan from zone.com


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    Played Quake2 when i was 5 years old, but i dont have much memorys left of times like them

    I will never forget the LAN party filled with dozens of computers, everyone playing Quake1 & Quake2 *__*

    Mfg TzeroX

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    Oh yeah was def a big time Rocket Arena 2 player, miss the old OGL ladder days. Name was DaGoN for most of the time, played on subliminal Khaos(sK[]), hung out with a lot of people from Collective Conspiracy. Happen to run across quakelive while trying to find some old ra2 players, now that I found out people still play ra2, and that apparently hals is still up and running, gonna have to find my old quake2 cd or else rebuy it off steam.

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