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Thread: WolfcamQL's r_fboAntiAlias

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    WolfcamQL's r_fboAntiAlias

    Nitro asked me what value he should use for r_fboAntiAlias because he wasn't happy with the effect of setting it to 1.

    Answer: r_fboAntiAlias is not a boolean value 0/1 for disabled/enabled.

    Instead, WolfcamQL uses Multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) and r_fboAntiAlias controls number of samples.

    Current generation cards support up to 32 samples per pixel. Older cards support up to 16 samples. If you use too high value, WolfcamQL will limit it to the hardware limit of your card and print information like "anti-alias samples: 16" in the console after vid_restart.

    Just wanted to make this clear.

    PS. Someone needs to run a test of values like 5-8-16 to note difference in quality vs speed of rendering :)

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    I actually wasn't sure whether or not this was an integer or not. I never really looked into it, and never asked.

    I guess this calls for a config change, and some apologies on IRC :P

    My crappy IGP doesn't support frame-buffers, so I can't test this. I'm sure other people can, though.

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