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Thread: How popular is quake live?

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    Thank you for en lighting me wrt to how much time the developers have available, and how they spend the time they have available. I have never developed a single piece of code and know absolutely nothing about developing alone, in a small team nor in a big organization.

    I am convinced, that if any of the developers post information about what they are currently planning to do, that you will be satisfied; and you wont demand that they explain more; and you wont start to complain about what they have in the pipeline either.

    Thanks again. Keep up the good proactive mode of communication


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    Junior Member guardianz is on a distinguished road
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    its getting less popular

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    Junior Member eViLzExTrA is on a distinguished road
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    Jul 2012
    quake live has 8 000 000 000 accounts since 2009 new players are coming and coming

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