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Thread: Tierslummers!

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    I recently found my old account (This one). I was amazed how this account has like 10 times as much time played as my new one. I don't remember having it for that long. Anyway...The new account is tier 3 and that about fits my skill. Using this old account, I was getting owned badly in every CA, CTF, and TDM, so I thought I'd actually made it to tier 4 when I used this account regularly. When I checked, it was only tier 2, though. Why the hell is tier 2 harder than tier 3? Are all these people tier-slumming. (Yes, I know, technically, I was to, but I had no idea)

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    Stop playing FFA, it has the weirdest tier system of them all.

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    You may have been in tier 3 while you were having some of those bad games which bumped you down into 2. So you could have checked right after being bumped down. Doesn't necessarily mean you were in t2 the whole time.

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