Hi, a few weeks ago I switched from Firefox to Waterfox. Waterfox somehow uses the existing Firefox installation which means that all my addons/extensions (includeing quakelive) were available in Waterfox and worked just as fine as with Firefox. So I was happy until the quakelive update this/last week came out. I can't seem to get it work with Waterfox. If I try installing it via Waterfox then I will always get stuck at the "wait for installer to run" page. No matter if I run the installer as admin or standard user. I press "repair queklive", it installs but the quakelive.com website won't reload/go forward. If I reload the page, it wants me to run the installer again.

I then tried the update via Firefox. Worked fine and I could play quakelive.. but only with Firefox. Waterfox doesn't seem to work anymore with quakelive.

Anyone had simliar problems with quakelive & waterfox? Any fix for this?