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Thread: Welcome to QUAKE LIVE

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    So on the new maps(made by the community) only Premium can play between them.... ha ha.. The servers will be so "crowded".

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    It is not worth a subscription when these maps are in full version of quake. Mods are free so why should we pay when all we do is just load up the full game itself? Not enticing no thanks!!! Running a browser game is good for games that are not stand alone not running offline and never will be offline. Plus to add that cc companies charge by the dollar on each transaction to merchants internet and local. So if id accepts a transaction it is so much per dollar. $1.99 a month and $3.99 a month isnt enuff to cover squat when your looking at operating costs and pay roll plus cc charges. You cant really charge any more than that cause you gotta make it low enuff to build but who is gonna buy? Very few not enuff to cover anything but maybe 1000 cans of soda. I foresee ql being a thing of the past. A fad gone away. Crysis and far cry will gain more people out of this.

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    Junior Member Teufelskerlin is on a distinguished road
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    Great job, really happy to see "we" made it out of beta. BUT:

    Please add some other payment methods (paypal...) if you want pro and premium accounts outside of the USA. CCs are not as common across Europe as they are in the US.

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    Can you at least fix the FireFox Crash, it will not load game. Ubuntu 10.04

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    Junior Member Krackles is on a distinguished road
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    The update is pretty good, although, The Premium and pro are going to be different for almost every place. example. Chinese = Yen or something which may be 30c less then the average American dollar. you get my point?
    I love the idea how you have to pay to make a clan, will stop a fair amount of nubs creating clans...
    Reccomend :
    RA3 should come out
    Crouch sliding may be alright??? (though its not Q3)
    I think there should be a list of the commands / cvars somewhere, i mean ALL of them.

    That's about it, Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me have a whinge!

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    Congratulations, this is great!

    To all the people crying about this: grow up. You realize that nothing is free in this world and if id Software doesn't find a way to make this game sustainable they can just as easily pull the plug on this. This is a great solution for them to keep supporting QuakeLive, ad revenue doesn't work on a game as good as it does on other sites, just realize that.

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    Can't find anything about this on here so:
    Quakecon duel maps (change the filter in practice mode):
    Blood Run
    Furious Heights
    Lost World

    In case you didn't know.

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    Junior Member 40BelowSummeR is on a distinguished road
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    overkill!! good memories with that map
    Funky Cold Medina!

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    Member dksittingduck is on a distinguished road
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    I don't think it's right that we are essentially being asked to pay for playing on community created maps.

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    Junior Member indi0 is on a distinguished road
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    Exclamation Everythings Fine escept for this crash

    Congratulations to QuakeLive now out of beta, I'd like to have a demo account so I can see if it's worth the subscription, I think it does but I would like to see first, that is if I have a decent way to pay for it from my country, paypal.. idk.

    Anyway DEP closed Firefox while I was trying to join a match, I think it's better if I share the SS with all of you:


    Is this just a bug? or something else. After all that FF crashed and the "plugincontainer" crashed too. I have more SSs for devs if they need them, I submitted the crash report anyway.

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