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Thread: Welcome to QUAKE LIVE

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    Junior Member bOBAx is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    quake3 10 ans=40 QL 10ans=470 ca c de l augmentation!!!Ils ont des bonnes ID chez software!!!

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    I'm just worried that QL will become all about the paid members and only they will get new maps and features.

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    Member uNDeaDZERG is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    did u ever seen ctf 6x6 ? is stupid **** for all ctf players in world
    make 1-2 servers 10/10(10 slots) please - in russia u can see only 1 full server per day...but now we can see 5+ servers 0/12 and only 1 11/12(12/12 sometimes)

    PLEASE MAKE 1-2 servers for 0/8 or 0/10 - PLEASE!!! or all servers change to 0/10 !its not serious when i play on the server for example 12/12 - after some minutes in each game, 1 noob always disconected and all MUST PLAY 11/12 so 5x6 - and team with 6 players ALWAYS - EVERYDAY - EVERYWEEK will always win bcoz we cannt do votekick,we cannt do timeout, we cannt do ANYTHING!!!before QL we could do what we want, but UNREAL TO PLAY WITHOUT LOCK - who blocked this command?and for what?

    so please - we really want to see minimum 1 server for 8-10 players - not for 12 =(...
    sorry for noob english
    make VOTE or new thread...or something...unreal to play 6x6 its PIZDEC xD

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    Senior Member Salamatiqus is on a distinguished road Salamatiqus's Avatar
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    Astana, Kazakhstan
    Are you sure they know what pizdec is?
    bind END "quit'

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    Thumbs down

    Srsly i like it but i can see what QL have done.
    First they got everyone addicted so that they tell all there friends who get addicted and they tell there friends and so on;
    Then they make us pay.
    I really do like it tho SyncError. But maybe u could have a few more maps for the freebies tho...

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    EXACTLY M8. I Spanish but srsly i have a mate fro russia. So he has to play with lags on a server form say, England

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    one question: im from Slovenia (not Slovakia), and can i buy the pro account with PayPal?


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