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Thread: buggy sound and lagg low fps

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    buggy sound and lagg low fps

    i installed ql a few minutes ago but it runst verry crap and verry slow lets say 5 fps and sound is verry shaky. i tried to reinstall etc but nothing is working :S can someone tell me what to do and how to fix this ?

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    What's your PC configuration?
    Do you have the latest drivers?

    Also, try ESC -> Game Settings -> Config preset: Performance

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    This is supposed to be in Technical support... but nonetheless I'll answer you...

    It is either A. Your computer doesn't meet Quake Live's requirements or you aren't playing on High Performance etc. etc.
    Or B. Your sound drivers are causing you to lag (Yes it sounds weird but it is true)


    Take a look at the post at the bottom of that page and follow its instructions...

    If that still doesn't work try this


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