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Thread: Frag Message Problem with Wolfcamql

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    Frag Message Problem with Wolfcamql

    How do i center this text ?

    here is my config:
    seta cg_drawCenterPrint "1"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintX "320"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintY ""
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintAlign "1"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintStyle "6"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintFont "myfonts/automati.ttf"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintPointSize "16"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintScale "0.32"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintTime "3000"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintColor "0xFFFFFF"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintAlpha "255"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintFade "1"
    seta cg_drawCenterPrintFadeTime "320"

    i copied it off ReconMission's config, that he quoted in the S.W.A.T. clan forums. google wolfcamql and you'll find it.

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    Senior Member M0NG3R is on a distinguished road
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    cg_drawFragMessageSeparate 0...

    If you have questions regarding Wolfcam, please ask in #WolfcamQL on QuakeNet (IRC or webIRC client required).

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    Senior Member AXxXxO is on a distinguished road AXxXxO's Avatar
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    dont put it on centre since this is diff from al other vids and it looks better on left/upper then centre...i suggest to leave it like that
    Quote Originally Posted by Downlink View Post
    Add A Killcam Maybe?
    Only available for COD MW3 owners!Coming soon i next update....

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    Senior Member KittenIgnition is on a distinguished road
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    Damn, I lost my amazing wall of text :(

    Oh, well. I guess I'll just rewrite it. Have fun, reader :)

    Anyway, don't take sigur's advice; leave the frag message where it should be. To center it, like M0NG3R said, use cg_drawFragMessageSeparate 0. That should automatically center it, unless you have cg_drawCenterPrint offsets set to some weird values.

    However, if you want to separate the frag message from center-print (maybe you want to hide the center-print?), then aligning it is easy with cg_wideScreen 1, which I assume you have because I'm assuming that it's displaced because of that cvar, and the config you're using being made for an earlier version. Anyway, to align it, just set cg_drawFragMessageX to half of whatever your horizontal resolution is (for 1280x720, it's 640. For 1920x1080, it's 960). Vertical should be easy (easier).

    If it doesn't align the center, but picks the left or right side of the text, then play with the cg_drawFragMessageAlign values. You can make the X-offset start from the left, middle, or right side of the text (this is used for aligning the frag message in different places on the screen, due to different names having different character lengths).

    I do agree with sigur somewhat, though, because sometimes a different frag message position can be really nice (example: ****ing French Frogs). The current placement is pretty ugly and should be moved to the middle.

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    ty kitten, monger and yahtzee

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    I'm using a config which disables my HUD completely, including all frag messages and crosshair.
    how do i turn on the frag messages and crosshair? the rest i dont give a rats ass about.

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    Junior Member FATSHULTZ is on a distinguished road
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    Frag message

    How do i write my message and where i have gont to settings and enabled frag message after a frag ?

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    Junior Member domdomegg is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by FATSHULTZ View Post
    How do i write my message and where i have gont to settings and enabled frag message after a frag ?
    WolfcamQL is broken in the latest update. Wait.

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