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Thread: Site Update - December 15, 2011

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    Junior Member TMS is on a distinguished road
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    I don't like the change in which the maximum number of players is 8 (instead of 12). Was there a reason for that change? Can we change it back? Everything else is excellent. Thanks.

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    greetings , i am from UAE ; Abu Dhabi ,

    what is the best way to report obstruction from the devs? this is not a protest , i recently received dozens of sympathy emails about this issue , and im willing to make a fundraiser for this issue to be arised , a movie making project which will correspond a collaboration and contraction of the whole community to be as one and to separate trollers by boycotting them like dust.

    this is the best solution to solve the problematic brainwashed devs that we're brainwashed by deceivers and manipulating conners.

    if this dont stand then...
    ....sensitive person ...go ahead on what u do best

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    Max Aliases increased to 256.

    What on earth is this supposed to mean!!!

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    Read the .cfg manual! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by easytarget View Post
    Max Aliases increased to 256.

    What on earth is this supposed to mean!!!
    It's about aliases, you can set them with /alias. They're user-defined script commands that you can run without tricks like vstr. Prior to this update, there was a limit of 64 of those, so this is a 4 times increase.

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    i saw i a Q3 tricking video the ospdm1 [new edge] map, and i know it from Quake3Arena & Quake4 TDM, i would like to play it in Quake Live too

    TriCkeD OSPDM1 @ 6min22sec

    I also would think, the map Devolved by mexx would be cool in FFA & TDM

    I'am on Kubuntu Linux 10.4 and must set my level of detail settings in the menu EVERY map change new when the server loads the next map, it is always on HIGH and i set it to POOR in the Menue.
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    Holy Thread Revival Batman... :-)
    Quake 3 1.16n Noghost iFreezetag

    -UE- .o2o. -g0d- n[2]p foq -end- *pWp* oBs H$ iD aM q3p {DR} *MS* uTk dT |c*|

    Great Memories That Will Last A Lifetime :~)


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    I am not pro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lapppy View Post
    You guys don't know how stupid of a change this is. Especially the second one.
    All we want is to be able to callvote during a game (unless you already can, haven't played in a few months), now it just might be close to impossible sometimes to get rid of that cheater during a pregame warmup. However, while it does help against map changes before
    You don't know how stupid /callvote during a game is! xD Then all the noobs losing in pub servers; would just kick the person in 1st.
    ...I love Frags-- but, that doesn't make me a Frag. If you don't understand this; than you're a Frag

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    dude, people aren't *that* noob.

    today there was a guy who wanted to kick a player out for being too good .. (he wasnt uber-awesome, but pretty good) ..

    but this is a rare occurrence. besides, people still have to vote F1 - and as it is now, at least 1/2 players +1 must vote F1, and that doesnt happen.

    finally i think you only get 3 votes max per game, or at keast i believe they wrote it somewhere that it was implemented last update ..

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