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Thread: Site Update - December 15, 2011

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    Junior Member NoAim is on a distinguished road
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    Many servers say FFA but when connect it is a Arena server why false declarations ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
    you can set it up via a cfg file as well if you wish, it is importantly different to any previous way of doing this as it always triggers. It is an event that is always called when that weapon ends up in your hands. so respawning for any reason or changing weapon for losing all ammo doesn't leave you with the wrong settings.
    Previous methods always required you to hit the right key to force the setting.
    Unfortunately, there's still no easy (alias-free) way of changing sens only while firing weapon, not just holding it. But it's not a widely requested feature anyway.

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    THANK YOU ID!!! Thank you for that amazing christmas update *goes to play instafreez on the edge*

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    Quote Originally Posted by IIITitaIII View Post
    Best update since I joined. When somebody told me the rumor about promode being in this update, I was like "keep dreaming". Good job. Hoping for defrag in the next update.
    another 3 years to go for defrag, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foLn View Post
    There barely are any servers like that at all though. Just look into the browser. There isn't a single one. You have to be very lucky to find a hosted one with PQL.
    They should just have some special public ones with PQL. But they don't want to do that. IF they would they'd have to only let premium players join them. And that way people not paying would have 0% chance to experience PQL. They're afraid that would end up in a real rage about QL. So they just let the non premium players the ****ty possibility of being invited to the servers. There NEVER are open premium hosted servers...
    Why the **** not just make it fully public?
    Most of the pro servers I start are only visible to friends and this seems to be the case with most other pro players, so they'll never appear in the server browser. I guess you need to make some Prem / Pro friends, or (The Horror!) buy Prem/Pro yourself !!!
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    Junior Member RampAgePL is on a distinguished road
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    Awesome! I'm gonna go to pro now!

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    Junior Member SoWhatBoutThat is on a distinguished road
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    Last year it was a month of free access to ALL premium arenas & of course all gametypes...and now...PFFF...this sucks.
    And btw, why on a 12 vs 12 Silent Night the only maximum number is 8 per team (however the map is shown with 24 slots), before giving away something, try to check it first...or did you decide that after R.A.G.E. failed u wont give a ***** about anything else?

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    Senior Member danstar will become famous soon enough danstar's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoWhatBoutThat View Post
    Last year it was a month of free access to ALL premium arenas & of course all gametypes
    no - this is not true.

    ps: tried logging on to silent night today then i got this cs_parsegamestate bad command error.. and stumbled upon this thread:


    any solutions?

    edit: the solution is provided by yakumo in here:


    this worked for me. peace
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    Lmao i just had to come on and see if Winters edge was back pity i stopped playing and a big pity its not a permenant map ! Losers

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    Quote Originally Posted by SyncError View Post
    Added PQL Ruleset.
    I already thanked you for that, but thanks again, best update ever. Now I have the following questions/requests:

    1. I have a Premium account atm and would like to upgrade to Pro, now that I can fly round map1 again
    How does the upgrade process take my payment for premium into account? Do I have to pay only the remaining ~25 Euro (difference prem-pro)? Is my subscription period extended to one full year? Links to detailed information also appreciated, as usual.

    2. Could you please set the rocket ammo in PQL to 999. Or double it, because 50 rox is just not enough. Especially in warmup you should set 999 to everything (i.e. infinite ammo).

    3. Any updates or changes on allowing custom maps in QL? There are many great osp/cpma maps, waiting to be ported to and played in PQL.

    4. Thanks again. Epic stuff.

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