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Thread: Site Update - December 15, 2011

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    In next update add ruleset QL4 please

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    awesome update!

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    Member parrradize is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    Make pro movement servers ranked and I'll buy prem again. I think I'm not the only one with this opinion.

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    Member foLn is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diplodok View Post
    Since the day QL went out of beta, it was made clear that subscriptions pay for development and subscribers get updates with new features. It's fair and it didn't happen "now".

    Having said that, PQL is available on standard level servers (one pro needs to spawn a server, 15 standard players can join it and play pql dm6).
    There barely are any servers like that at all though. Just look into the browser. There isn't a single one. You have to be very lucky to find a hosted one with PQL.
    They should just have some special public ones with PQL. But they don't want to do that. IF they would they'd have to only let premium players join them. And that way people not paying would have 0% chance to experience PQL. They're afraid that would end up in a real rage about QL. So they just let the non premium players the ****ty possibility of being invited to the servers. There NEVER are open premium hosted servers...
    Why the **** not just make it fully public?

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    Junior Member XII is on a distinguished road XII's Avatar
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    Thx for spider crossings !!!! Guys i love u

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    Junior Member dakilla is on a distinguished road
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    not tested pql ruleset yet, but if not already added, what about backpacks, 4xquad, 100hp starting health and weaker spawn weapon?

    ps: plz add normal version of q2dm1/q4dm7 all the time, not only as xmasmap

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    Member chaTzon is on a distinguished road
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    Vienna, AT
    i dont get it why cpm or fast weapon isnt ranked, its players choice what they want to play and how...
    i simply can ignore those matches if i want.
    Im a Nab, dont hold the fire!!!

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    Senior Member Venser is on a distinguished road Venser's Avatar
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    Best update since I joined. When somebody told me the rumor about promode being in this update, I was like "keep dreaming". Good job. Hoping for defrag in the next update.
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    Senior Member Kemocisko is on a distinguished road
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    There's a problem with Silent Night servers: they are supposed to have 24 player limit, yet when there are 16 players, anybody who tries to connect gets the message 'Server is full'

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    Junior Member nlkm is on a distinguished road
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    I would let everybody play it in a DevPick during this or next weekend.
    or just set a day of the week for "free PQL for everyone" (ex. "PQL thursdays")
    or else non-premium will never have a chance to even know what this is about.

    But other than this I think it's ok to only have pro players spawn PQL servers.

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