'Tis the season for QUAKE LIVE and we come bearing gib-- err, gifts. We've got some new surprises, and old holiday favorites in store for today. Along with our traditional holiday arena pack is the addition of the oft-requested Spider Crossings, and a new modified physics ruleset for Pro users to use in Start a Match. Without further ado, QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 11!

Premium Maps Added

As part of the Christmas update, both premium maps will be available FREE for all players, for the first week, after which they will return to Premium status. Everyone is invited to hop on and check out the new content!
  • Spider Crossings (CTF):
This arena, created by Dan "Scancode" Gold originally for Quake III Arena, is a classic CTF arena suitable for 4 on 4 play. Bases have entrances on two levels. Once inside, attackers have no less than six paths to take. Taking the low middle route can result in a Regeneration and a Mega Health pickup, but this puts you in a tactically disadvantageous spot against the flag defense, and being unable to take the same path out without damage means you will have to rethink your escape plans. Spider Crossings makes a great addition to the QUAKE LIVE CTF list of arenas, and as mentioned will be free for all for the first week.
  • Electric Head (Small CA, Small FFA):
Electric Head is a small arena created by Adam Bellefeuil, centered around a high area and a low area. Controlling your enemy's movement is the key to victory; knocking them into the middle, or forcing them to move to the low side of the arena. Accomplishing either of these will result in a vast positional advantage, giving you the freedom to control the pace of the game. Electric Head is also available for free for the first week of play.
Holiday Maps Added
  • Winter's Edge:
Making its second appearance as our annual Holiday Arena is the perennial favorite, Winter's Edge. A port of Quake II's The Edge, which last week saw it's 14th year passing since release, this year we are allowing the ability to play this arena across all gamemodes that support it. Along with The Edge, also return the most important part, the decorations! With a dimmer tree in the center of the map, we hope there will be less reports of temporary blindness as players run out into the iconic center area of the map. Winter's Edge will be to available on our Holiday Servers in both FFA and FreezeTag.
  • Silent Night:
Making it's third appearance is the terrain-based CTF arena, Silent Night. Otherwise known as Distant Screams, Silent Night is a fast-paced map taking place in a nameless tundra. Bases are peppered with (my personal favorite) jetpack style Flight powerup, along with the self-damage reducing Scout rune. Combine the two, and a bit of skill, and you're able to achieve breakneck speed. There's not much else to say about Silent Night, just hop on and play!
Premium Scoreboards:
  • Premium CTF Scoreboard now available, includes different stats more tailed to CTF games.
  • Added support for Regeneration, Haste, and Invisibility power-ups in TDM Team Pickup Stats.
  • Pickup Stats are now dynamically generated upon item pickup, so that items such as the GA will not show on the scoreboard if it is not present in the map.
  • Added new country flag images, double the resolution of the old images.
  • Added subscriber status icon to premium TDM and CTF scoreboards.

  • Added PQL Ruleset. The PQL ruleset is a series of settings that modify player physics and some weapon characteristics, giving players the ability to ramp jump, increased air control, and a tiered armor system similar to Quake 1. It is an unranked option only available on Pro servers.
  • Added 'Air Control' option. Allows a player to move in the direction they look, while airborn.
    • When holding only a single movement key while airborn, mouse look will dictate the direction you move.
    • Alternatively, if you hold a forward or back plus a strafe key (+moveleft or +moveright) while airborn, the player will benefit from the speed and distance normally gained with strafe jumping.
    • If you have forward momentum, you can use the strafe keys (without the use of +forward) and small mouse movements to perform a bunny hop.
  • Added 'Tiered Armor' option. Tiered armors offer increasingly stronger levels of protection, based off of Quake 1's armor system. Green armors absorb the least damage, and red armors absorb the most damage. You will not pick up an armor if it is weaker than what you currently are wearing.

Game Updates
  • Added Weapon Configs for Premium Users, available through the Advanced Settings UI. Setup per-weapon preferences that are automatically triggered when you switch weapons.
  • Unranked server settings available via Start-a-Match will now appear on the map loading screen so that players can be aware of what custom settings are in-use on the server.
  • Added unranked server settings to the 'About' menu in-game so players can reference custom server settings while in-game.
  • Added improved feedback when 'callvote' is issued without parameters. It will now report back properly what what voting options are allowed by the server.
  • Added callvotes for 'cointoss', 'random', and 'ruleset'
  • Hide callvote shuffle from menu in non-team games.
  • Players are unable to call votes for the first 20 seconds of a map load.
  • Players can now only call 3 votes per map, to prevent players from vote spamming.
  • 'cv' shorthand added as an alternative to typing 'callvote' in the console.
  • CTF matches with no timelimit will no longer have increased player spawn times.
  • Added Flag Captured vs Flag Held time distinction, "Captured in x:xx" for a continuous flag run, or "Held for x:xx" for a relayed flag cap.
  • Free For All servers are now 8 players each, with 8 spectator slots available.
  • Battle Suit now protects 1/3rd instead of 1/4th in CTF. (Reflux)
  • Added BattleSuit Kill Counter for premium users, cg_battleSuitKillCounter.
  • Changed the default for cg_quadKillCounter to 1.
  • Added Power-up Kill Counter options to the in-game Advanced Options menu.
  • Added Use Item Messages (cg_useItemMessage <0|1|2>) and Use Item Warning (g_useItemWarning <0|1|2>) in advance options menu.
  • Added cl_demoRecordMessage 2, a small subtle notification that a recording is being made as an alternative to the large verbose message.
  • Changed Clan Names & Clan Tags in teamgames, such that they will now only be used if the team has at least 2 players.
  • Fix for Clan Names & Clan Tags changing as players die in Clan Arena.
  • Fix to prevent server crashes caused by hitscans bouncing off of invulnerability spheres.
  • Fix for issuing the "team follow1" or "team follow2" command when too few players are in the match.
  • Fix to prevent demos from being lost due to a cg_autoAction error. When this error occurs, the demo now will save with a default demo####.dm_73 filename, rather than the verbose autoAction filename.
  • Fixed rare case when a recently gibbed player can thaw a teammate if they were standing within thawing distance before gibbing.
  • Max Aliases increased to 256.
  • Correct player is now highlighted on scoreboards.
  • FreezeTag thawtime has been decreased by 1 second to 2 seconds.
  • FreezeTag spawncode now uses the TDM spawn code and spawns players closer to their teammates.

Map Updates:
  • Almost Lost - MH is now 35 secs in FFA.
  • Base Siege
    • Fixed missing blue player respawn.
    • Fixed orientation of a blue base spawn.
    • Fixed local of blue base spawn.
    • Minor geometry/texture fixes.
  • Battleforged - Removed gl ammo from non-Duel gametypes.
  • Devilish -
    • Slightly brighter lighting.
    • Fixed two HOMs near MH.
    • Removed an unnecessary playerclip near entrance to LG hall.
  • Dreadful Place
    • Fixed clipping in doorway between YA and 50hp
  • Dredwerkz - Fixed 'hole' in trigger hurt fog below RA
  • Hero's Keep
    • Fixed incorrect team location info.
    • Moved spawn near RG to match spawn location near LG.
  • Intervention - Fixed texture alignments on two lights.
  • Proving Grounds
    • Altered layout, removed cg, added sg.
    • Trigger hurt lowered, attempt to fix some minor issues with it not triggering at times.
  • Purgatory
    • Fix for deadly fogs near RL and near ** in FreezeTag.
  • Reflux
    • Flipped brick texture at shard hall.
    • Raised curved clip at base pipes.
    • Fixed z-fighting at top of base pipes.
    • Resized base pipes to best fit at caps.
    • Changed railing on RA/RG room lifts.
    • Clipped supports in archway from base to 50hp hall.
    • Backlit base fan.
  • Stonekeep
    • Added trim around entrance to medkit cave.
    • Fixed vertex lighting.
    • Fixed patch alignments.
    • Fixed missing sg ammo above GA jumppad.
    • Raised GA small ledge for improved chainjumping.
  • Vertical Vengeance - MH is now 35 secs in FFA