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Thread: Community made addons/scripts #2

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    Community made addons/scripts #2

    Community work
    Quake fans have been coming up with interesting and helpful content that gives Quake Live even more depth and more competitiveness. The community has created sites with Quake Live oriented content, sites like QLranks. They have provided us with ladders for gamemodes like Duel, CA and TDM. Crafty individuals have given us user scripts like Quake Live Stream Notifier, which displays live streams above the quakelive page. All community made addons/scripts are unofficial and are not developed or supported by id Software.

    These are just a few useful tools to make this community stronger and more intertwined with it self. To find out more about the community made content scroll down the list and see what has the community prepared for us:

    Duel Commentary Video - by Memento_Mori
    Colection of videos, where Memento_Mori explains every information a duel player recives in a lenght of a duel match. The best kind of guide is a visual representation of the problem and Memento_mori takes it even further with commentating on his own decision making while he plays his match.

    adder rating system for duel, tdm, ca. You can also follow this project on esreality.com.
    + QLRanks.com: In-game Elo Announcer (script)
    Useful tool which gives you the capability of getting peoples Elo's while you are in-game.
    + QLRanks.com: GreaseMonkey Script (script)
    Displaying players ELO in the profile page and in the server info box (for now, only for duel).

    All Quake Live streams and news about Quake releated stuff at one place.
    + QL Stream Notifier (+ESR!) (script)
    Userscript that displays live streams above the page.

    Lightweight Quake Live standalone with some of the scripts already included, like built-in irc client, extended chat script, stream notifier, pro auto invite. ...You can follow any future releases also on Quake Live forum and esrealty.

    Search engine for all the clans in Quake Live.

    Quake Live NA pickup games
    Nice useful page with an in-build irc client, so its super easy for anyone to join and !add to a pickup game. The channel is called #qlpickup.us @ QuakeNet. It also gives information on how to get voice communication working so team communication is at its best. Here is a small paste from their site about explaing how a part of the pickup proces works:

    Pickup Game Procedure:
    • The pickup bot will randomly pick a server location if server voting is not enabled.
    • Servers are spawned by players with pro accounts. For a list of these players, type: !findpros
    • The bot will randomly assign captains, or alternatively, the two most experienced players will be captains.
    • Captains meet in the middle of the map and pummel each other with 100 health / 100 armor.
      • The winner of the pummel battle will pick the first player AND also gets to pick the map.
      • Pick order: one pick per turn
    Like in every situation it is welcomed to behave properly and not lameout, ragequit and so on...

    Quake Live tdmpickup.eu
    Similar site as Quakepickup.us but on this site/channel you only play TDM games.

    A small quote from their site:
    1. The topic always shows current game and number of players.
    2. To add yourself to a game: !add tdm
    3. To check who is already added: !who
    4. To remove yourself from all games: !remove
    5. If you're added to two games and one starts, you will be removed from the other automatically.
    6. If you disconnect or leave channel, you will be removed automatically.

    Quake Live EU pickup games

    Statistics page for pickup games played. You can sign-up for a pickup game on irc.quakenet.org @ #playquake. Here is a snippet from playquake.in page explaining a pickup game:

    What is a pickup game & how is it different to a normal game
    A pickup game is not dis-similar to a clan game, the key difference is simply that you’re playing with people from different teams – and individual players – but you still play in a format that you would use in a clan match. Other reasons that pickups are favoured are:
    • Quickly and easily play a ‘proper’ game
    • Play with fair teams (sometimes teams are one sided but hopefully not often)
    • Play with more players of your skill level
    • Community love.
    Again i must stress out that this games are played on a higher level then public matchs. Also bad behaviour is not tolerated and can get you banned from the channel.

    Scripts are made to help users get various information from other useful sites (ie. QLranks displays your elo number on Quake Live page) or simply to customize and/or gives new functionalities to the Quake Live site.

    QL Gametype Switcher
    - by aiken
    This userscript gives us a posibility of fast switching between gametypes, so you don't have to go thru custamization filter.

    Quake Live Stream Notifier - by wn
    Displays a list of live gaming streams on QuakeLive.com

    Quake Live Window Mode Extender
    - by Diplodok
    Adds modes, changes window mode resolution and removes white boxes
    QL - forum link

    Quake Live Pro Auto Invite - by flugsio
    Friends will get invited to a match by typing: "invite" to a player who has the ability to invite (PRO accounts). They will then be invited to the gameautomatically .

    QLRanks.com - My Stats - by wn
    Adds a "My Stats" link to QLRanks.com

    QLRanks.com - Display - by wn and szr
    Displaying players ELO in the profile page and in the server info box (for now, only for duel).

    Quakelive Player Status - by rahzei
    Extends QuakeLive chat area so you can see below their names what mode are they playing, on what map and if there are any spots left to join.

    All Quake Live chat messages to left without image - by kry
    Aligns all Quake Live chat messages to left and removes model icons

    Linkify Plus for Quake Live - by kry
    Turn plain text URLs into links in Quake Live. Comes with a possibility to change link color.

    Chat in Quake Live Welcome screen - by kry
    Shows the Quake Live chat in Welcome screen with previous chat on the right.

    RAZ3R's Quake Live Training Map Launcher
    - raz3r
    Runs the custom map raztrainql with one click. For script to work dont forget to download the map it self.

    Interesting sites worth pointing attention to:

    QLstats - Visual representation of your aim, played maps and win/loose statistic. At the moment this site is not being updated.

    If you have something worth mentioning you would like to see in this list please write it down under comments.
    Every link from all 3 community work posts are available under Quick link post.

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    • Added new links for ql pickup eu
    • removed playquake.in

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    This has an enemy model and mouse sens/accel script that is useful

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    please please please new zealand servers! auc 1

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    Does anyone remember all the cool models? Like that big golden minotaur, the crazy mad scientist in the wheelchair, the southpark kids, bobafett, or HARLEY QUINN!?
    Also, remember Lithium with the amazing offhand hook that you could tune to just the right send and pull rate so that it was like flying gracefully through the air and railing someone in the ass at the same time? With the quad damage AND the vampire rune at the same time!
    Those two things I want again. Get to work. ;o)

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