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Thread: Whats better? need advise

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    Whats better? need advise

    I got 2 servers i can play on. One - i got 70-80 ping and the other - 30.
    Thing is, my home country server doesnt have as much population and, since im planing to attend some online events (or at least thats what im playing for), i played on more populated, 80 ping server.
    Today, just for the sake of interest taming i tried the 30 ping sever and was surprised to see me hitting almost 50% better than i would before.
    so should i struggle and play at half my possibilities but get used to the battleground ping or just play on ping 30 and, when needed, get back to 80?

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    You should probably stick to the 80-ping servers where you've got more people. Even though you aren't hitting as well, you'd have more room to grow and then when there is a competition you would be used to the ping. If you went with the 30-ping server and then only played the events with 80, you'll notice that the ping difference hinders you by quite a bit (I wouldn't think it's too much, but it depends on your connection as well)

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