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Thread: Question about Upgrading to Premier & Server Options.

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    Question about Upgrading to Premier & Server Options.

    As a free Quake Liver user who, so far, has played CA almost exclusively, I'm wondering how many more servers will be available to me upon upgrading.

    Right now, for example, according to my server list, there are only 8 CA servers with ppl in them - most of which are not in the "GREEN" easy bracket that's recommended to me.

    I know I get more maps with the upgrade, but will I see a significant rise in the number of servers available to me at a given time?

    At night's in particular there is usually only 1-3 games going on...

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    theres some nice maps avail for premium users especially for 2v2 ca

    unfortuantly a lot of the time they remain empty, however join and invite some friends who have premium... they will fill up fairly fast.

    another good points about premium is easier to use pickup channels which are usually good games ...

    pro at the moment has an advantage of spawning own server and able to invite 3 standard players...

    for duel's premium/pro is a must have imo ...

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    As a Premium user meself, I wouldn't recommend it if you're just looking for more pub games. You get the best out of it if you have a decent sized friends list, or play pickups.

    If you're patient you'll probably find that, if you join an empty Pro CA server, people will join it though you might have to play a lot of games on Overkill
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    When you become Premium or Pro there's not many servers that you will see in the actual window. You usually have to get a group of people and then have a Pro member create a server (or just jump into one of the Premium servers already up)

    I was Pro last subscription period, and used it fairly often for other people more than for myself. I would spawn servers for people who didn't want to be bothered by other people, I was spawning servers for tourneys, and I was spawning a few just for fun devpick-like servers. However, I don't currently think that anyone should go Pro unless they're a clan leader or they are leading a tourney. The cost seems a bit more than the profit IMO.

    Currently I'm a Premium subscriber. It's alright as it allows me to keep my other clans and I can join the other servers, but there's rarely any servers up. I've got several friends that will notify me when there is a Premium CTF server up, but it's fairly uncommon for them to be up and is only useful if you want to support id and join the few Premium servers.

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