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Thread: SET A CA 1 vs 1??

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    Wink SET A CA 1 vs 1??

    i want set a clan arena for 1 vs 1 for play with my friend please say me how to do it!!!!!

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    Banned CooloutAC has a little shameless behaviour in the past
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    i think his name says it all.

    go play duel instead man its a much better 1v1 mode.

    or if you insist, even though its kind of corny and shouldn't even be in the game at all.. CA is a TEAM game mode .....

    someone has ID convinced this joke went on in RA3. NOT... but w/e...

    /callvote teamsize 1

    we are all about de-regulation in quakelive...haha. freedom to do what you want in this game...go for it.

    lorfa likes to 1v1 ca too send him an invite....I think he needs fresh meat.
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    LOL!!!! thanks man your nick says all. You are a quake nerd player xD. Im joking trolling trolling good bye sir!

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    Senior Member DocPossible is a jewel in the rough DocPossible is a jewel in the rough DocPossible is a jewel in the rough DocPossible's Avatar
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    Callvote teamsize 1 should do. Not every combination of words that CAC types is completely useless.

    We're in the middle of a fun 1v1 CA tourney at the moment :

    Like to play more Freeze Tag ? Join Clan Chill. We play Freeze Tag most evenings, 7:30pm UK time onwards, with a smattering of TDM, CTF and a regular duel cup. Check our website. IRC : #clanchill on quakenet

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