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Thread: Whohacked my account and added the "SMACK DOWN" award?

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    Whohacked my account and added the "SMACK DOWN" award?

    i am super... SUPER*issed right now...

    some joker.. thuis is very om[portant .,. some joker!!! hacked my account and added the "SMACK DOWN" award.. as if a player like me would EVER... E V E R do anything else than suicide when i accidently pick up quad... or get it thrown at me (as it often happens)...

    this is a digital crime.. i think someone is really trying to make me angry and mad and make ME stop plyinghere.. i am the last payer who would use Quad... and still... i got the SMACK DOWN award for "some" reason...

    i want that award REMOVED from my account...


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