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Thread: Are you an ICTF player who would like more structured games?

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    Are you an ICTF player who would like more structured games?


    I'm shooting for having things all ready by New Year so plenty of time to get a decent # of people registered. Just to clarify; it's not a clan vs clan sort of league. It'll resemble the PUGs a lot of players should already be familiar with. Basically it's an attempt to give ICTF lovers something more than just public games to play where teams never stay balanced and sometime it's hard to even find a team that wont completely rage before a game concludes.

    It should be a lot of fun hopefully.

    As a sidenote, I'll also be donating the time to track stats throughout the various games. The proposed start, as I mentioned, is by the New Year (sooner maybe depending on what sort of interest is shown). It will be an ongoing event so there is no end date.

    Happy Fragging.


    In case you wonder while visiting; only a small part of the forum is visible without being registered. Someone asked so I figured I'd add that here..
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    i gots pro...so if u need an extra server..lemmie know.

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