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Thread: Requests for Maps

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    How about the edge for FFA server rotation? Classic Quake map.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corpse View Post
    How about the edge for FFA server rotation? Classic Quake map.
    The Edge <3

    Awesome map, I have no idea why they didn't add it yet (if I remember correctly, TheMuffinMan86 has already rebuilt it in QL format, they could just take that and adapt it if needed)...

    Just see how many threads people opened asking ID to add this map to QL:
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...fter-Christmas
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?21426-Are-we-going-to-have-Christmas-EDGE-and-EDGE-as-a-PERMANENT-MAP!-pleasee..
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?5065-The-edge!!!-Best-map-ever!
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...-Winter-s-Edge
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...?6993-The-Edge!
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...13453-The-Edge
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...n-Winters-Edge
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...te-next-update..!
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...all-s-Edge-Map
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...1-Winters-Edge
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...g-and-the-edge
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...p-for-premium-!!!
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...Winter-s-Edge-)
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...tay-after-xmas!
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...3-offline-maps
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...-s-almost-time
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...rivate-Servers
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...-have-The-Edge
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...Christmas-edge
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?6054-I-want-the-Edge-q2dm1!!!-and-some-RA2-Maps.
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...-quot-for-free
    - http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...just-brilliant
    - ....

    Was there ever any other map that players requested so much?

    They've added maps, features, things that players never seemed to be particularly interested in, and here we have a map that that has enough threads for its own subforum, and there's no indication that it will be added to QL any soon.

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    Add the edge!

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    Yakumo said twice that the edge is not making it to quake live until they replace wintersedge's textures.

    Somehow they've been on that for a year and a half, and still can't get osp maps (which includes the best q2dm1 remake ever, ospdm1) in about 4 years.

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    why dont u add the other version of dm6 that is bigger

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    hey guys, new to the thread but i just skimmed thru most of it and it seems everyone is mostly after the edge or ctf maps. i'm from a ultra freeze tag background and i'll suggest a couple tdm maps that we really liked.

    Bullet Ride (teddm2, also had an osp version) awesome fast paced map (http://q3a.ath.cx/map/teddm2/)
    Berserker (polo3dm5) was an ultra freeze tag favorite (http://q3a.ath.cx/map/polo3dm5/)
    JapanDM (Half size JapaneseCastles) would be awesome for FT and CA! (http://q3a.ath.cx/map/JAPANDM/)
    Sandstorm (Quake 4 map q4dm2?) I think this map needs a frozen remake into for FT called 'Snowstorm'!!!
    The Chastity Belt Duel (ospdm8a) Great map for 1v1 and 2v2 (http://q3a.ath.cx/map/ospdm8a/)
    Cajun Hell (storm3tourney5) Same as previous (http://q3a.ath.cx/map/storm3tourney5/)
    Shaman&Dragon Remix (acid3dm3r) Again, nice for 2 on 2 games (http://q3a.ath.cx/map/acid3dm3r/)
    Terminatria (bst3dm1) I love small fast maps and this one delivers while staying very complex and strategic(http://lvlworld.com/review.php?id=2208)

    Also, thumbs up to everyone who thinks ospdm1 (new edge) was the best 'edge' remake. I think the jumppad in mid is more quake 3ish, but we definitely need a standard version of this map!
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    The Edge only comes along at Christmas, and unfortunately it looks ugly as hell.

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    Hi all this post caught my eyes with tears on how this person urges for attention never the less he disregards hes opinion on based truth of hes experience in hes quake years, i vote for Future Crossings ,this map is awesome and easy , i remember in the days when the pro gamers used to play spidercrossing and campercrossing for tournaments but the map future crossings was mostly played by new players since its very easy to find your way through and enjoy quake like everyone else , it is like how new players rate space ctf and japanese castles in quakelive.
    please support wcp18 vote ive researched an found alot of threads with merely 100 votes on that map on abandoned threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by billo_rani View Post
    wcp18 = Future Crossings , lets not forget the people who tried to persuade the dips who have full legislated controls over their hoaxed wisdom towards idsoftware , they have trusted them to do their job , but these guys have a bad judgement on where to go ...

    if u remember wcp9 was mostly requested by polish , and some of the admins ( rude to be not ) , are vouching on their history instead of world wide based , its european choice , but in U.S and Australia the most played map in Threewave was Future Crossings , for it to be most played is because its simple enough , more simpler then japanese castles , in between of simple and hard that gives a nice touch for this map , a feel of sniper , chaos and all , i cant believe everytime i saw those legendary dudes who request for wcp18 those boycotters take down the post with multiple spam accounts on diffrent ip's but on the same location . sadly they used their conn's on how to manipulate those dev's and they also hack in game ( not to be rude in truth )

    wcp16 is coral sea ctf the one with the sharks thats a nice wacky map , its like space ctf feel but instead island beach wars

    yes first add wcp18 this may be my last time to post since i lost hope but as u see my heart on its last breaths of quake passion , im giving u the short statements because i will not live in this world again...

    wcp18 > wcp16 > wcp14 > wcp17

    add it accordingly , btw just email me sync if ur short in cash il fund u 6 grands just to make things clear how much u wasted my life , now i wont do this mistake again ... i have all this talent and blessings i have now started to use it on my self and i find my life getting better and going away from such silly passion.
    ++++++++++ wcp18 Future Crossings +++++++++++

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    Quote Originally Posted by potso View Post
    The Chastity Belt Duel (ospdm8a) Great map for 1v1 and 2v2 (http://q3a.ath.cx/map/ospdm8a/)


    Also, thumbs up to everyone who thinks ospdm1 (new edge) was the best 'edge' remake. I think the jumppad in mid is more quake 3ish, but we definitely need a standard version of this map!
    I agree to disagree - I feel like osp's map remakes altered the originals too much to the degree that those maps didn't even feel the same anymore. 'Snowstorm' sounds like an interesting idea though, and I don't see any reason why that map wouldn't work well in QL!

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    Muffin! Was looking for you, you have an e-mail addy or are on irc somewhere?

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