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Thread: Requests for Server Locations

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    Qix has found another ISP but they denied (as always), saying it's not their priority to make brazilians servers even though we are willing to bear all the possible costs.

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    I just met Kornelia, who told me that she didn't post at #119... what's going on here? o_O
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    san diego servers

    can we get san diego servers ...plzzzz.. plzzzz plzzzzz

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    Can we get Denver servers? Those should be top priority for the USA. It links the east/central with the west, making less trouble for ping whiners.

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    Please,create a brazilian server!!!!!!





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    We need a Brazilian Server!!!
    Play with high ping is very frustating!!!

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    Plz bring italian servers back. Too many warping italians are actually spreaded on euro servers...
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    The high ping prejudice our accuracy with all the weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need so much THE BRAZILIAN SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Listen, if there's one country out there that could get more intense matches and a stronger community than Euro fps gamers- it's Brazil. I hate to sound like the angry customer criticizing the company for what they've not done yet, but FREE Q3 with a pay to play the way you guys do it would yield a very large amount of money and publicity in Brazil's gaming scene. I don't need to mention Counter Strike's MiBr or other teams to validate the country's large number of insanely good players.

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    It's very comum to see brazilian players on the US servers, but it would be much much more comum if there was a good ping for us there, the game would be a lot more popular around here. We still need it

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