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Thread: Requests for Server Locations

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    Junior Member kurukafa is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2010
    why ignoring turkey ?

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    Junior Member Yavzas is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    need servers from turkey, because i cant play 80 or 150 pings... so high... i cant play quake live more...

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    Junior Member ChUcRo is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2010
    Plz... one server of QL in the Brazil now!!! UP!!!!!

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    Plz, a QL server for Brazil, UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tell me what's the point of Chile and Argentina have servers and Brazil doesnt? I just dont get it

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    Still no answer?

    Come on. You've got to be kiddding us.

    Our clan BRA has more than 50 players, probably, and others brazilians players are playing without a clan too.

    That's ridiculous. Our community is really big. We are not asking too much. Just put a damn server, we just one, or two, to play with good ping.. that's all..

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    Junior Member V1CKTOR is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    I think ID wants South America to play Quake 3 Arena for now for some reason. I am one of few Brazilians that plays QL that lives in the united states all the other brazilians that live here most are slaves to work or think gaming is for losers or go to church when its gaming time. I would create a community around Q3A running your own servers until ID decides to make this executive decision, but I feel your pain. Quake is very ping sensitive and playing against lag is also lame. The only solution I see now besides getting the ideal solution is q3a or adapting your game to laggy play running pro servers with maps where there are no rail and where too much rail and low ping is frowned upon and if you are playing in a private server with a brazilian server master or ref you can kickban people that are using too much rail or lg. But I wish I were in brazil with my dad going after all the girls. Paz Irmaos!!!!

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    In fact we have many players and mostly online despite pinging about 100s... I think if a server for turkey gets created,we can have more players. Hope to see some people try for it I dont know how to do..have fun all

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    My ping is approximately 67ms on a Sydney server, and approximately 120ms on a Perth server. This is not really an acceptable level of latency as it is impossible to play seriously. I would very much like to see at least a few New Zealand servers.

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    Banned ElTorito is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Aug 2010

    Wake up id - the scandinavian people want their own servers (swe, den, fin, nor)

    Following mail has been sent to the ID headquarters (ZeniMax)

    Dear Sirs !

    Concerning Quake Live !

    I live in Denmark and has been playing QuakeIII since '99 and now I'm enjoying the Quake Live...

    Unfortunately it has come to my attention and regret that ID fail to serve customers (players) in this northern region - consisting of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland with the lack of game servers.

    After counting i found that the nearest regions to comparison have these number of server arenas..

    Poland (42), Holland (18), UK (19), France (17), Spain (20), Germany (50)

    Counting players from our region will show that there are more than enough for dedicated servers. Statisticly there are inhabitants enough to compare with Poland that has 42.

    So why no servers ??

    Also the northern players complain about lesser game experience due to connections that not allways can be measured in pings.

    Now I (We - i speak for all scandinavians) are dissapointed from realizing those facts, and we are also somehow baffeled from such neglect of potential customer base.

    We have tried to raise the issue in the Quake Live forum - but it seems to have no effect or taken seriously...

    There are of course other factors I'm not aware of, but i hope that ID will recognize this appeal and take proper action which in my opinion also may be to ID's benefit.

    Yours Sincerely

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