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Thread: Requests for Server Locations

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    Server for Turkey.


    As suggested by a moderator on another topic here is a topic for this request. Here we can find a GSP. And we are about to find one actually. So I wonder if Quake does allow dedicated servers?

    Personally I think it's very crucial for Quake to have more servers. I really am so sick of playing with 80-90 against 20-30 pings. And I know many people don't play just because of this. And most them would pay for pro accounts. Please consider.


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    We have found a host please contact me and I can get the contact information of the host to the id/zenimax.

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    Yeah, turkey needs own servers. I'm strongly supporting it.

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    I contacted about 10 GSPs in Serbia, Belgrade (Srbija, Beograd) and wrote them that if they are able and interested to host Quake Live server - they need to mail [email protected]

    Now, let's hope that at least one of them will be able and will be interested in this, so we can finnaly have Serbian (Belgrade) servers again.


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    Junior Member enemyz is on a distinguished road
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    New Zealand servers? please :)

    new zealand has a huge quake community, and regretfully we have to play on over sea australia servers, this implements an automatic disadvantage to all new zealands who want to play competitively. the lag spikes are no fun to play with and seems unfair that we have to put up with it too.

    im sure if u introduced some nz servers there would be a flood of kiwi's ready to frag lag free!
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    yeah w/e get a nz server going ty

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    Senior Member Mr_Bombadil1 is on a distinguished road
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    if it wasnt for the new zealand freeze servers q3 would've died years ago for aus/nz fraggers, supported quake till the end, and this is how they get rewarded, ffs not one server! just so sad.

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