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Thread: Looking for Trainer/Dueling partner (US/CAN Only)

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    Looking for Trainer/Dueling partner (US/CAN Only)

    I'm am fairly new to the quake scene and I am looking for a trainer or someone to duel with me to improve my skills. I am already T4 and probably soon T5 and I have only been playing for a about 1 week or 2. I am a very competitive player (very quick learner). I have been around playing competitive games for about 8 years now. Looking to get started in quake again and would like someone to help me along the way.

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    You are tier 3 at best, but I can see you're at least beating people in your own rank. Add me if you want. I've trained a lot of duelers to at least be competent with timing, positioning, and map knowledge.

    #NATDM.QL on Quakenet IRC

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