Try killing your config files so they are newly written, sorry, but you'll probably have to go back to default config and set all your configuration again.... Whoever wrote the script to change your config files didn't just change this one, and another prank is to make the config files read only, so they keep reverting back to the way they are, and although you change the config in the game, it's not written to the config file, so it keeps starting the game with the same **!!! Not sure how these are being spread just yet, but I'm investigating... Probably the same jerks who hack the bots, and win instagib and CTF matches in about a minute and a half, then log off the instant the game's over... Also watch for unwritable hidden files which won't show up on most windows machines until you tweak the UAC and windows config to be able to see hidden files, with all atributes enabled.... Try putting "/in_nograb" in the console without a value and see what it returns.... alternately, you could get the complete QL console command listing and look for your own problem, like I had to.... But, it's just a little rougher than forum cruising, so be prepared to invest a fair amount of time into the investigation, and be sure to share any insights with all your QL brethren here in the forums afterwards... :-P