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Thread: Site Update - October 25, 2011

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    Site Update - October 25, 2011

    Premium Maps Added
    • Reflux (CTF):
    A decaying corrosive materials factory is the site of Reflux, a brand new Capture the Flag arena. Industry has long left this facility as nature begins to reclaim it. The only sign of human life remaining is a large mixer in the center still churning, keeping its acidic mixture cool and flowing throughout the building. This machinery may even be the only thing stopping a massive explosion from engulfing everything around it.

    More recently, arena combatants have found the place and have began using it to practice their movement, weaving through the mixer blades to pick up a Battle Suit in the middle. Holding the power-up opens up an additional route to the flag, past the Red Armor and Medkit, and through the pipes leading into an acid vat in the flag room. Reflux is a very fast and dynamic CTF map, and is best played with 4 players a team.
    • Eye to Eye (Small Duel, Small FFA):
    Nobody is quite sure why this place exists, or what sits behind the ominous, sealed door, yet somehow combatants find themselves teleported into this gladiator pit. This is Eye to Eye, a small Duel map that plays a bit differently than typical arenas.

    There's no items or positioning to worry about, just three platforms, and an octagon in the middle. However, our octagon has no cage, and no rope breaks to get you out of the corners. Instead, retreating will earn you a visit to the lava god, Chthon. Players are armed with a set of armor and weapons upon every spawn. Eye to Eye is another arena new to QUAKE LIVE, and is best played in Duel, or mix it up and try it with a three player Free For All.
    • Seams and Bolts (Small CA):
    Seams and Bolts is a small Clan Arena map based on a Rocket Arena 3 design by Adam Bellefeuil. An open middle room is flanked by crossings, leading to lots of opportunity to jump down and plant direct rockets into a few skulls. If you find yourself being pushed out of the middle of the arena, some well placed rails from one of the exterior rooms may be enough to take down some rocket jumping fools, allowing you to charge into the middle from one of three different heights. Seams and Bolts is a fun addition for our Clan Arena players, able to easily handle 2v2 and 3v3 matches.
    Plugin Updates
    • Disabled block stopping Google Chrome uses from using the site.
    • Fixed Chrome users losing and reconnecting to the friends network every few seconds.
    • Fixed Chrome users being unable to load the site after hitting Refresh on the server browser.
    • Fixed a potential cause where the game may write out qzconfig.cfg and repconfig.cfg with garbage bytes at the end of the filename.
    • Updated Linux Firefox XPI install metadata to allow up more recent versions to install the plugin.
    Game Updates
    • Fixed an issue where the game would unnecessarily write out qzconfig.cfg and repconfig.cfg when friend network activity occurs (signing off, on, messages). This may help users who experience hitching when friends sign on and off.
    • Decreased how long the end-game scoreboard is shown for.
    • Fixed incorrect vertexlight data on the following maps: Almost Lost, Battleforged, Concrete Palace, Devilish, Dies Irae, Distant Screams, Double Impact, Focal Point, Overlord, Powerstation, Retribution, and Space CTF.
    Web Updates
    • Resolved an issue where invited standard players would get the "Go Pro" popup while joining a server right after they were invited.
    • Updated Game Guide and FAQ with up to date info.
    • Don't show friend invite/block buttons on your own profile.
    • Most popup notifiers will now automatically close when you choose an action.
    • Misc. style fixes to clan invitation, format tag panel.
    • Fixed HTML-escaped characters showing up in edit profile bio.
    • Fixed wrong ranked setting for Thaw Winning Team preventing ranked FreezeTag launches.
    • Clan rank icons changed to fit ranks better.
    • Resolved some cases where match tooltips would get stuck in the corner of the screen.
    • Added Advanced Browser toggle to match browser to easily switch between Thumbnail and List View.
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    It's more fun when you're mellow

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    Cool ......
    Quote Originally Posted by Stanton Friedman
    All flying saucers are UFO`s not all UFO`s are flying saucers.

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    Yay Chrome back.



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    NO anti cheat yet ? ....

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    when i can start game ?!

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    fixed incorrect vertex blablabla

    <3 thx

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    Good job! Thanks 4 this stuff dudes!

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    D: I can not download it on my firefox 7
    discharge does not run

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    Danke sehr.

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