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Thread: blank page when loading quakelive.com

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    blank page when loading quakelive.com

    so um ever since i paid for the game, when i load quakelive.com up in firefox, it loads up to when the matches are supposed to show up and then goes to a blank page and stays there loading forever (transferring data from media.quakelive.com). if i refresh a few times (takes approximately 2 minutes each time i have to do this) i get to the page and the matches load.

    anyone know what causes this?

    in IE i get a quake live core extraction failed error when entering games, no other issues (lol). if thatone's fixable instead i dont mind using IE. only installed firefox cause it didnt work in IE. (normally use opera, which isnt supported).

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    Incorrect solution.
    The issue is that Flash is not working, and the ads that obviously everyone wants will sometimes need Flash, and if the ads don't work, the entire page won't.

    Funny, that.

    Just get Flash working, and this won't happen.

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