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  • 16 Player Max

    19 21.84%
  • 14 Player Max

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  • 12 Player Max

    13 14.94%
  • 10 Player Max

    14 16.09%
  • 8 Player Max

    41 47.13%
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Thread: FFA Server Player Limits

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    Change server size to 16 again, FFA is FFA, it's all about chaos.

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    Junior Member PawNsTAr is an unknown quantity at this point
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    i vote 24 - 32 player ffa.

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    Junior Member polip is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
    The player limit per map system really REALLY did not work.
    All that ever happened was people graduate towards servers with more players on, and then suddenly you find yourself endlessly playing the only 16 player map.

    My concern with this vote is most FFA players simply don't bother with the forums, I believe the majority of forum users to be CTF/Duel/CA (could be wrong, but that's the overall impression from most posts I see)
    soo true:/ would vote 16ffa if i did visit the forum; mayhem > camp; its ffa not fishing

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    Member railthru is on a distinguished road
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    8 player FFA + poor skill matching = quake not fun anymore

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    Thats why I try to open so often as I can a public server since 2-3 weeks with 16 slots in FFA. I changed the weapon respawn time from 5 sec to 1 sec. So you can easily play every small map too with all weapons and not only the most times with machine gun and gauntlet. That would be boring too. My experience yet, when I played at the 16 slot server with this settings, the most games are a perfect massacre with alot of fun -> 100% action. Thats it, what QL stand for it, when you play FFA, I think so.

    And I am not alone, there are few other guys too, who are open often a 16 slot public FFA server.

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    Senior Member Mike68 will become famous soon enough Mike68's Avatar
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    Lost in the fog
    Quote Originally Posted by polip View Post
    its ffa not fishing
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    Senior Member Mr_Bombadil1 is on a distinguished road
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    damn didnt see this poll,
    so theres a 8 player max now because it got 41 votes,
    but you could also look at it like 46 voters would like 8+ slots as opposed to those 41 that want 8 slots.
    dont see why it couldn't have just been let up to the players on a server to vote how many slots (
    bit late i know,

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    Junior Member sleekz is on a distinguished road
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    gah, didn't see it.. would've voted for 12-16, i absolutely HATE the 8 max playerlimit

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    Senior Member lowlife1 is on a distinguished road lowlife1's Avatar
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    A little late here but,,Im glad its low..It was a mess trying to play with a lot of players back in GameSpy,and Mplayer.Its a lot better to hone your skills instead of worrying about getting spammed then getting Frags...

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