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Thread: Exact number of games necessary to change tier?

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    Exact number of games necessary to change tier?

    Does anybody know the exact number of games to change a tier?

    I had connection issues for about 2 months which resulted in a lot of losses, connection errors, and quits (I got impatient of it freezing constantly). Now I am down a tier and games are easier and I am getting accused of slumming, which it is though not intentional. How many games must I win or rank high in to move up a tier?

    This question is for any moderator who might know or (better yet) a developer. I know if I keep playing I will change tiers, but I think the players should know this information. I do not think it gives away anything regarding how the tier system works.

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    Jump into an empty server, join the match, and check the skillrating. This is an average of everyone on the server - so it's yours when it's otherwise empty.

    The break point in FFA between T3 and T4 is 70. You go up a point or 2 whenever you finish in the top third of matches (and down when in the bottom third). This should give you an idea of how far you are from getting back into T4.

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    That is a good idea. I forgot about that! Thanks!

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