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Thread: Broke my Abyssus :( -- (UK)

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    Attached are some straight lines/spirals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by monstaaar View Post
    Attached are some straight lines/spirals.
    Crapola, that really looks like a mouse with prediction/angle snapping/drift control/etc.

    Here's my wmo for comparison:
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    and regarding Razer mice... I had DA and after only 5 months left button had "multiclicks" phenomena I replaced button with at least 2 years old buttons from my broken Maxdata (broken cord only), but had much better buttons , force needed to press the same . By the way buttons in DA have no pdf files, "designed" for mice ROTFL, they are for smaller current, worse contacts.
    How is it now about contacts in newer mice like Abyssus, because maybe will look for it when I run out of my all 3 WMO mice ?
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    BTW I've been using the Zowie AM for months now, almost forgot to share my thoughts on it so I thought I would. Well I guess I mentioned the EC1 earlier, it turned out to be too bulky for my taste, I couldn't get used to how light the buttons were either. Anyway, I really wish Zowie didn't mention prediction, because so many people don't realize most mice(even gaming mice) do have a small amount of it, but companies won't always say they do. It's so small with the AM you'd never know it's there while gaming, but compared to no prediction at all it's more or less a good thing to have some, just not too much. Most companies won't say their gaming mice have it because they know most gamers assume it's a bad thing.

    It has the best optical sensor on the market, made better with a custom lens for lower lift-off distance. It's too low for some, when flicking you might lift it up too high and it won't track but it's great if that's not an issue. Mouse buttons are good for people prone to accidentally clicking, not too stiff IMO but enough to help prevent that. The size/shape isn't for everyone of course.

    What I love the most is the sensor and the scroll wheel. No excuse for not being accurate, scroll wheel feels the most well-built and solid of any I've used but is maybe to resistant for some, the tactility is on the stiff side. The wheel button actually works really well, I found myself accidentally click it scrolling but quickly got used to how easy it is to press for a wheel button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iSuckz View Post
    i broke it.


    thats it. any friendly tips are welcome and appreciated.

    (i'm in london btw, so it's either Scan.co.uk or Yoyotech brick&mortar)

    edit: scan has the CM Sentinel, is it any good?
    I would never buy anything from yoyotech off totenham ct rd. I've gone through quite a few mice and a recent one I've bought has been fantastic (in terms of general feel and build quality). The software provided allows you to tweak it a fair amount and the coating is very hard wearing. The tracking is phenominal when paired with an appropriate mouse mat. - I've moved away from glass and now using cloth.

    Anyway, here is the mouse;


    Note that if you are using an odd dpi with your current mouse which is not offerred by the drakonia, you may need to tweak your sensitivity. I decided to just get used to the new sensitivity. I would rate this higher than the logitech mice such as mx518, g500 etc. that I have owned in the past. Of course this is personal opinion. However my recent ingame accuracies have improved as a result of this new mouse.

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