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Thread: I laugh to unwise people who have paid for this game.

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    I laugh to unwise people who have paid for this game.

    Why you all defend quakelive? Is it because you have paid and realised that it was money thrown in to the well, and now you are just convincing your self that it was such a good buy. I laugh to all you imbecils who defend this game, and also the idiots too who say, "If you dont like it, Quit" "hey i pay 50e and i cant join any server i want." What internet game do you know that you have to pay, and you cant join the server you want to select? ========D Where is the 2on2 ca and 3on3 ca? Dont you understand that quakelive treats you as noobs, cuz they only have 6on6 ca, which is translated = NA = Noob arena. I can only play this game on the early hours in morning because no noobs are awake anymore filling up the servers. And one thing, can you noobs stop joining a CA server when there is already 6-8 people playing.


    11yr game, 50bucks for pro

    Server cost 3euro per month

    These servers aint even the good ones. talk about even the best ones
    Also, why you make a game when someone joins, the game will lag.

    Sincerely hasadji.

    Suck flowers ID and quakelive team. Nice way to troll noobs spending their 25-50e for nothing.

    Also i will not read your replies to this or reply to them, as this is only for opening eyes for the people.
    Or not people, idiots. Naive defending dicks

    ps psps pspspsp. I would pay 50e to get old Quakelivebeta.

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    Server cost 3euro per month
    Show me where I can get 16 slot server on a decent connection for 3euro/month.

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    All I just read was "TROLL TROLL SPAM SPAM"

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    I laugh at losers like you, raging about this game but still not quitting.
    All your posts are *****ing about the devs, the payment system, the website, the game, but you still don't leave. What are you doing here?

    Give up! You won't get those things for free, no matter how hard you try.

    You're a joke.
    "Haha, I just laugh at my neighbour for having an expensive sports car. I'm sure it's not even good and I don't even like how it looks, travelling by bus is so much better, he's such a loser."
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    Quote Originally Posted by AllAimNoName View Post
    You cannot convince someone who does not think.

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    Can't really blame people that rage over money, because they have to walk 20 miles for clean water..
    It's still free to play, the choice is yours to pay or not.

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