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Thread: To .oF/ Lo0n3yTun3s

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    To .oF/ Lo0n3yTun3s

    Since there isn't a way to send a private message without adding, and I'm sure you would not accept after the incident, I'm treading this in hopes that you will view it.

    The game played on Almost Lost where you had refused to spec-to-even at the request of another player had created perhaps a false pretense of your demeanor and I apologize if I offended you when you had joined the 1v1 against me and another making it uneven. Although it is a ****** move to continue to make a game uneven even at the request of another, I had assumed you would have ignored the request in a polite manner and decided to be a dick about it.

    So I apologize and hope you get this message. Or I hope someone from your clan will see this and relay it to you. Or someone you know. Then again...it doesn't necessarily matter, since it likely wouldn't ruin anybody's night. But hell, I've had a couple too many beers and feel guilty and I never like being a dick on purpose...most of the time. Sorry if I bothered you.

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    awww dude I forgive you if that matters !

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    I love you too, man

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    welp I can relate about that - us free players in the pubs lately has not been fun to say the least-

    no one ever wants to even up or spec when someone rages and ive seen it were my whole team rages and no one will switch because of their precious stats - and yes the grand ole even teams and then someone logs on and has ta upset the balance jaja good stuff -

    guess thats the reason for going prem or pro -

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