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Thread: Showdown 2 - A Quake Live Community Frag Movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by roxolana25 View Post
    And you don't believe him, and disregard who he is and what he's done? His standing in this community should give him some leeway, but I guess the fact that he hacked a couple times (and even admitted to it) makes that all meaningless instantly, and he should be treated like any other cheater (except even more, because his ESR thread already has about 1300 replies).

    tl;d I believe him, and anyone who doesn't is an *******.

    I've done it before. Burn me at the stake too, I feel left out.

    No but really, I could go a long rant about this, but I'm trying to hold back. Don't need another story that coolout does csi work for.
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