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Thread: Autumn Duel League - North American Servers

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    Autumn Duel League - North American Servers

    Rumblepit.org presents the Autumn Duel League. There will be five regular tournaments where players fight for a small cash prize ($40) and ranking points for a spot in the championship event ($100 prize).

    September 4th, 2011. 15:00 EDT
    Free ENTRY
    No Account Restriction, Standard, Premium, and Pro accounts are all welcome.
    1st Place = $40 via paypal (US)
    Maximum Players = 32

    After signing up, please create an account for our Forums
    On September 4th at 14:00 EDT, A check in thread will be created. All confirmed participants must check in by posting in the thread.

    At 14:45 EDT, The brackets will be created. All participants must contact their opponents (Forum PM, skype, irc, ect ect)

    Matches Start at 15:00 EDT
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    There is now an IRC channel on Quakenet.org for #Rumblepit. So grab an IRC client and
    /connect irc.quakenet.org
    /join #rumblepit

    This Autumn Duel League runs 9/4 thru 11/6 with $300 in prizes!

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