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Thread: Starting QUAKE LIVE plugin…

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    Unhappy Starting QUAKE LIVE plugin…

    I've installed plugin for FF (Windows 7 starter) and then just loading bar and this message. When i press (play online) it says "you are downloading required data and must let it finish before you can join an online match." -- How to know i've downloaded the files or it not loading? (The same issue in IE8) ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330.
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    Same here :/

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    I've started getting this also... It's been awesome since day 1,but now most the time i have to click on the "Click here if the window does not open" Link and then redirect myself to the Browser list.

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    I have the same problem

    To Dev1ous: J click on the "Click here if window does not open", but i have the problem "you are downloading required data and must let it finish before you can join an online match." when i click on the "play online"?

    Somebody know?

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    I found the problem - it is in "core extraction failed". In one of the first screens ... LOADING GAME CONTENT - loading failed.
    So how to solve?

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    due to the error console of firefox the problem should be here: compiled_v2010083102.0.css

    in line 12

    but i dont think, that a css file may cause such a problem. i could login two times today. for the rest of the day.. no chance.. maybe probz with the new firefox updates?
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    +1. have the same problem
    win7 home premium, 64bit, amd phenom 4cores, ati mobility radeon hd 5650
    firefox 3.6.9 either ie8

    trying to install new ati drivers for my notebook
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    +1 same here

    Quote Originally Posted by AzX View Post
    Tried that. Service registered with no problem. Yet nothing changed...issue remains.
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    ql started several times, then i got the same problem again.
    i also tried to install new ati catalyst..

    and now i cannot play

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